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Physical Therapy Associates is a leading provider of physical therapy and sports injury rehabilitation in Arizona. Our rehabilitation therapists focus on sports medicine and occupational therapy, but also provide all types of physical therapy programs. Our physical therapy clinic in Scottsdale has been helping people and athletes of all ages achieve their maximum physical potential since 1994. Call today 480-607-7662 And see why we are the best in Scottsdale.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Neutrophil Viability

Observation White blood cells, or Leukocytes, are one of the body’s primary defenses against infections. They have no hemoglobin and, ...

Aug 10th 2012



Observation Echinocytes are red blood cells, which have lost their characteristic shape and have become rough and thorny in appearance. Dying ...

Aug 9th 2012



Observation Poikilocytes are erythrocytes with abnormal shape. Some poikilocytes have fairly specific diagnostic significance, while other forms are very non-specific. Wherever ...

Aug 8th 2012


Uric Acid Crystals

Observation Uric acid crystals appear as broken glass and as needle-shaped crystals. These crystals trigger an immune response that produces intense ...

Aug 7th 2012



Observation Spicules are fibrous (fibrinogen) needles in the serum. They appear as straight, hair-like formations that look like pick-up sticks in ...

Aug 6th 2012


Red Crystals

Observation Red crystals may appear red, dark yellow, or orange in color. These are red or orange crystalline formations, which are ...

Aug 5th 2012



Observation Monocytes are the largest cell type seen in blood smears, and constitute 5 to 8% of total leukocytes. Their nuclei ...

Aug 4th 2012



Observation Eosinophils are granular leukocytes with a nucleus that usually has two lobes connected by a thread of chromatin and cytoplasm ...

Aug 3rd 2012



Observation Basophils are similar looking to Eosinophils in phase contrast. Eosinophil granules don’t move and the granules are concentrated around ...

Aug 2nd 2012



Observation Lymphocytes are small cells with virtually no cytoplasm. They are roughly 3 times the size of red blood cells and ...

Aug 1st 2012


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