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Physical Therapy Associates is a leading provider of physical therapy and sports injury rehabilitation in Arizona. Our rehabilitation therapists focus on sports medicine and occupational therapy, but also provide all types of physical therapy programs. Our physical therapy clinic in Scottsdale has been helping people and athletes of all ages achieve their maximum physical potential since 1994. Call today 480-607-7662 And see why we are the best in Scottsdale.

Most Common 

physical therapy for golf injuries

Golf Injuries

Amateur golfers will achieve 90% of their peak muscular activity when driving a golf ball. This is the same intensity as picking up a weight that can only be lifted four times before...

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physical therapy for baseball injuries

Baseball Injuries

Many baseball players will be out with an injury at some point in time. Shoulder, low back, and knee injuries are very common among baseball players. This is due to the repetitive...

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physical therapy for football injuries

Football Injuries

Football has a well-deserved reputation as a rough sport, and injuries are very common; however, Bruising tackles and bone-crushing hits are all too familiar among football players...

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physical therapy for soccer injuries

Soccer Injuries

Due to the outstanding popularity of the game of soccer, greater than 300 million people take part in this sport , in different parts of the world. Common soccer accidents are...

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physical therapy for basketball injuries

Basketball Injuries

Basketball is the leading cause of all sports-related injuries. Each year, children aged 5 to 14 years have more than 407,000 muscle and bone injuries while playing basketball...

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physical therapy for gymnastics injuries

Gymnastics Injuries

Gymnastics is an elegant sport. It showcases the beauty of human movement and shows us the potential of the human frame. The competition is fierce, whether the girls belong to...

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physical therapy for running injuries

Running Injuries

There are two types of injuries which a runner may sustain: Acute trauma, and an overuse injury. The acute trauma is sudden, such as a torn ligament or broken bones. The most...

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Volleyball Injuries

It is estimated that 800 million people in about 130 countries play volleyball. The majority of volleyball injuries come from overuse and account for between 50-80% of all injuries...

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Tennis Injuries

There are more than 15 million people playing tennis in the United States alone, eight million play in USTA competition leagues. Approximately 65% of these tennis players sustain at...

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Cycling Injuries

we see many types of injuries relating to cycling, from neck/shoulder and lower back to foot injuries. We mainly see injuries that relate to overuse rather than trauma, but that...

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